About Me

Hello there! I am Neelam Kumar

I love wearing several hats and enjoy juggling them with ease. A few of these are that of Author; Life Skills Coach; Motivational Speaker; Communications professional; Cancer Crusader and Pinkathon Mascot. Being a widely travelled and a globally educated professional, I have had the wonderful opportunity to enrich my personality with the best of several cultures.
My intuitive understanding of the human mind comes from my education in diverse fields from countries as varied as Russia and the US of A. My rich experience of several decades in India’s top steel company as Chief of Communications (Public Relations) and Deputy General Manager (Corporate Affairs) has given me an insider’s view of what employers are looking for in employees in order to enhance productivity and take their company ahead of others. Out of this empathy and my passion for Training was born: 9 to 5 Corporate Lounge—The Training Hub, the Training outfit I currently own. Training is my passion and I am happy to share that over the years, I have trained professionals in every area of Soft Skills. My clients range from the IT sector, Financial Services, FMCG, Manufacturing industries and various private Institutes. A person of varied interests, I am also a passionate wordsmith. I have written several books, including one with India’s eminent litterateur and renowned journalist—Mr Khushwant Singh. My books have won rave reviews and have a loyal readership. Two of my latest books have been backed and funded by legends Mr Amitabh Bachchan and Mr Ratan Tata. I hold a Masters degree in Journalism from the US, besides a Bachelor’s in English Literature; a Bachelor’s in Education and a Post Grad in Public Relations and Advertising. My life has been one of several trials and tribulations, but I have emerged stronger after every crisis. I have utilized my life learnings to inspire others. That has made me a Motivational Speaker in various public forums—something I enjoy doing. I conduct highly-sought-after training programs on Communication, Life Skills , Public Speaking and Written skills for Corporates, Schools and Institutes. Currently, I am working as Life Skills Coach at R.N. Podar school, firing the minds of youngsters to build a better society by transforming themselves. I love what I am doing. My strong spiritual core and beliefs have made me the resilient person I have become. I try to re-invent myself each day so that I may become better today than I was yesterday. That is the challenge that makes my Life such an adventurous journey! Some of my books are: 1. I, a Woman (Writers Workshop) 2. Legendary Lovers, 21 Tales of Unending Love (JAICO) 3. Our Favourite Indian Stories by Khushwant Singh and Neelam Kumar (JAICO) 4. Myra- a book in 4 genres. (Image India) 5. To Cancer, With Love-My Journey of Joy. (Hay House India Publishers, 2015) Distributed by Penguin. This has emerged as India’s first humorous book on Cancer. 6. To Cancer, With Love-A Graphic Novel (Embassy Books, 2017), India’s first Graphic Novel (comic book) on Cancer. 7. I am a Sea of Possibilities—a Personal Growth Coloring Workbook. India’s first of its kind Workbook. Both these projects have been funded by Mr Ratan Tata and Mr Amitabh Bachchan. 8. Inspirational Survivor Stories (Embassy Books, 2017). Both these projects have been funded by Mr Ratan Tata and Mr Amitabh Bachchan. I live and work out of Mumbai Contact @blueneelam @Loungecorporate e-mail: Corporate.lounge@gmail.com


Dear Neelam Kumar. “By your own efforts, waken yourself, and live joyfully”…Gautam Buddha. Surviving Cancer can be the beginning of a beautiful story. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. Twice inflicted, Neelam Kumar thanks Cancer for helping her discover the joy she experienced overcoming its negativity. This comic Book “To Cancer, with Love – My journey of joy” is a tale of love, adventure, personal growth, a do-it-yourself story with humor all rolled into one compulsively concise graphic comic book. The refrain, “looks easy enough” is the author’s general attitude towards life’s many processes – It is intended as an empowering affirmation to inspire readers with the confidence that they, too, can tackle even the most disheartening of life’s challenges and land on their feet. May it deign to help, a person’s process from a lesser to a greater perfection of oneself.

Amitabh Bachchan

Tata Trusts support and drive innovation across several sectors like Healthcare, Education, Livelihoods and more.

Cancer Care, within the health portfolio, is a key focus area that requires the Trusts to adopt a multi-dimensional approach. Supporting the release of this book in a unique format, is one such way in which we believe that the populace can be better prepared to face adversities with a smile.

Ratan Tata