When words begin jostling inside my head, each jumping to be the first to be heard, I simply don them in the colors and clothes of their choice and let them flow. Sometimes, they take the shape of articles. Often, they prefer to tell their own story in the form of books. I am just their vehicle, the creator of their reality. It is they who give me my name. Author. Writer. Dreamer.

Love in the Time of Cancer

I tell you, this Carol has a knack for puncturing the balloon of my sweetest fantasies.

Carol Charms Rapunzel

Once upon a time, several decades back there lived a happy-go-lucky girl. Her pride was her long hair which reached right up to her knees.

Meet Carol

So many of you have been asking me the identity of Carol. Thank you so much for your curiosity! So it’s finally time to bring Carol out of the covers.

What they said...

Dear Neelam Kumar. “By your own efforts, waken yourself, and live joyfully”…Gautam Buddha. Surviving Cancer can be the beginning of a beautiful story. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. Twice inflicted, Neelam Kumar thanks Cancer for helping her discover the joy she experienced overcoming its negativity. This comic Book “To Cancer, with Love – My journey of joy” is a tale of love, adventure, personal growth, a do-it-yourself story with humor all rolled into one compulsively concise graphic comic book. The refrain, “looks easy enough” is the author’s general attitude towards life’s many processes – It is intended as an empowering affirmation to inspire readers with the confidence that they, too, can tackle even the most disheartening of life’s challenges and land on their feet. May it deign to help, a person’s process from a lesser to a greater perfection of oneself.

Amitabh Bachchan

Tata Trusts support and drive innovation across several sectors like Healthcare, Education, Livelihoods and more.

Cancer Care, within the health portfolio, is a key focus area that requires the Trusts to adopt a multi-dimensional approach. Supporting the release of this book in a unique format, is one such way in which we believe that the populace can be better prepared to face adversities with a smile.

Ratan Tata